McDonald’s Free, Totally!

According to the Mickey D’s corporate website, there are 119 countries in the world with McDonald’s branches. However, these are the TOP 10 picks of interesting locations for a McD’s joint. What do you think?


Travel Food Advices: How to Eat in another country

Food…one of the major perks and jerks of travel. You will either love it or loathe it. Therefore, here’s making your dining experience seriously trouble-free, for the last situation you want to be in is your digestion messed up on a bus in Malaysia.


Travel Tips to Europe – Don’t Blow the Fuse!

Many backpackers and travellers do not think about the small things when jetting off on a trip around Europe. Check out the do’s and dont’s of using electricals when travelling throughout Europe.


Cottage Accommodation in the UK

Cottages are curious and charming little things. Images of the centuries-old Robin Hood’s smuggler’s haunts and romantic trysts of forlorn lovers are brought to mind. A holiday in a cottage is dreamy, but nothing so fictional anymore. Cottage holidays are now among the prime getaway selections for anyone and everyone in the UK and everywhere else.


Holiday Extras – Your Add-ons Solution

Holiday Extras take the hassle off your holiday by providing all your holiday travel needs, guaranteeing the best prices all at once.


Top 5 Amsterdam Festivals

In our “Top 5 Amsterdam festivals” list we made sure to include all of these festivals so you will be able to enjoy them as well!


7 STEPS to WORLD TABLE MANNERS – How Not to Gross Out the World

Here is a list of tips and safe dining practices that, regardless of location, except France (a volume of French etiquette on its own), would get you through at any table in the world.


Backpacker Airlines: Air Asia and Air Philippines

Backpackers, isn’t it direly necessary to find dirt-cheap flights as cut-rate as airline rates come? Yes, of course. To be sure, here are Air Asia and Airphil Express, both Airbus Industrie A320 Jets, with which I’ve had first-hand, first-time experience with both, which means a decent enough critique.

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