Backpack the Tikal ruins in Guatemala

I visited Tikal in Guatemala in late 2004 on a backpacking adventure with a school friend of mine, Matt. We had been travelling all over Central America and heard that the Mayan ruins of Tikal were a must see.

Backpacking in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Take a trip out of Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, a lovely little town about 3 hours west of Bangkok where you can visit and see a number of amazing sights and attractions for the curious backpacker. Including Tiger Temple, Bridge over the River Kwai, JEATH War Museum and floating restaurants and guesthouses.

spice roads bangkok jungle

Spice up your trip with a bike ride around ‘the real Bangkok’

If you want to break away from the smelly and grimy city streets of Bangkok and get a feel for how many of the local Thais live then perhaps a mountain bike trip around the outskirts of Bangkok is for you?

Flights from UK: Durations Times

If like me you’re one of those people who love going on holidays, but cannot abide the whole flying experience, then this feature will be your new best friend.

What travel agents don’t want you to know?

Travel agents reveal the dark secrets of the business including charging you extra to fund their own lavish holidays and gifts as well as taking advantage of those in grief.

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