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Why the World Wants to Know Michael Hutchence daughter – Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence?

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Slightly off topic from my usually topic of conversation, or blog posting about backpacking or lifestyle design, but I felt compelled to put some ramblings and somewhat emotional thoughts down in relation to one of my favourite singers and rock n roll front men of all time, Mr Michael Hutchence of INXS.

Recently in Australia we saw the airing of the INXS: Never Tear Us Apart telemovie which told the bands story from its humble beginnings as a small pub rock band right through to its global domination as one of the worlds biggest bands and then of course to tragic death of Michael Hutchence. Since he was one of my favourite music artists of all time and that he was found dead at the Ritz Carlton in Double Bay in Sydney just down the road from where I have been living recently and that this occurred a day before my 16th birthday on 22 November 1997, I have always been emotional about the passing of Michael Hutchence, thus when the INXS telemovie aired recently I felt compelled to put down some thoughts that were running through my head.

Whilst many emotions have been revived following the INXS telemovie and the huge amount of media interest again about the life of the INXS front man, I decided to express some thoughts on a slightly different aspect of Michael Hutchence and that is of his beautiful daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence.

Who is Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence?

If you do not know who Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence is then you were probably born in the 90s or sometime after. But for those of you who were born prior to the 1990s will more than likely know that Tiger Lily Hutchence is the daughter of the enigmatic and much loved lead singer of INXS that’s right I’m talking about the ever charismatic Michael Hutchence. Tiger Lily was born in 1996 just one year and four months before the tragic death of her father Michael Hutchence and four years before the death of her mother Paula Yates. She became a four year old little girl without a father and without a mother and was taken into the custody of Bob Geldof who was Paul Yates’ ex-husband and father to their 3 daughters, Peaches, Pixie and Trixibelle Geldof.

tiger lily hutchence & the geldoffs

Throughout the 80s and 90s Michael Hutchence forged himself as one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll icons of our time he made INXS the biggest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world throughout the 80s and 90s. He was charismatic, he was cool, he had sex appeal, he had stage presence, he was a great great poet, songwriter and singer but most of all you ask anyone to cross parts with Michael and they will tell you he was a beautiful person and very humble person.

As quoted by Australian female singer Jenny Morris:

The reason why everybody loved Michael was because of the way he made them feel. He would eyeball you while you were talking, as though your piece of information was THE most important in the world (which I have to admit in my case it usually was) but he never looked to see who was more interesting in the room, and he always made you feel special, boy or girl, old or young, black or blue.

He was a very proud Australian who ended up conquering the music world but still remained true to his roots and his humble beginnings. He became so famous that he received huge amounts of media attention and exposure from the paparazzi, newspapers and magazines all wanting a piece of him and to know exactly what was going on in his personal life. Michael tended to have a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll and slightly bad boy image about him and is it was certainly his enigmatic presence and personality that people wanted to know more about. As a result any picture or story of Michael Hutchins published in a publication was sure to make headlines and sell large volumes. Everyone wanted a piece of Michael. But the truth was that Michael Hutchence was quite a shy person despite having such a charismatic and extroverted stage presence. Being who knew him describe  him to have been a humble, generous, loving and beautiful person with a heart of gold.

The exposure and attention from the paparazzi is not something Michael went out and sort it was something that found him and after years and years of constant harassment of this type of attention it ended up becoming a bane on his life. Which leads me to explain exactly why there is little to be known about Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence.

After the death of her father and mother, Tiger Lily went to live with her 3 half sisters and her mother’s ex-husband Bob Geldof. There can be much said about this which we will explain later in this article but given the way Michael and Paula were harassed so much when they were alive, Bob Geldof took it upon himself to shield Tiger Lily away from the public eye and the huge amount of media interest in this young girl.

Regardless of what you may think of Bob Geldof, credit must be given where credit is due and he appears to have done a very good job in creating a stable and is normal environment for Tiger Lily to grow up in, well away from the media spotlight. It’s for this very reason that the public to not know much about who Tiger Lily is and is it is probably also for this reason that the public have a keen interest and fascination in knowing who Tiger Lily is as they simply have heartbreaking memories of a little girl left alone in this world without a mother and a father who was loved the world over by many, many, many adoring fans and followers.

What is her sad story?

Tiger Lily Hutchenve does have a sad story to tell and whilst there are many sad stories in this world that can be told by all sorts of people the difference is that her sad story is followed with keen interest because of who her mother and father were.

Her father is Michael Hutchence, a rock god and legend and lead singer of INXS who tragically took his own life on 22 November 1997 at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney. The story surrounding this tragic death has been told countless number of times by gossipers, media publications, talk show hosts, journalists, friends and family members and anyone you meet in the street who is born prior to 1990 who has an interest in decent music.

Australia lost one of its favourite sons and the world lost one of its greatest rock icons of all time.

michael Hutchence RIP

Tiger Lily’s mother, Paul Yates, was the ex-wife of Bob Geldof who she had three daughters to, however she had moved on in the mid-90s from that relationship to start a relationship with Michael Hutchence which resulted in the birth of Tiger Lily in 1996. Paula Yates was an English television host who tragically passed away from an overdose in 2000 which subsequently left Tiger Lily without a mother and a father due to the most tragic of circumstances.

With all the paparazzi and media exposure Michael and Paula’s relationship was splashed across media publications and made common public knowledge to everyone within society much to their dislike. But because of the circumstances it was when they both passed away that everyone felt so sad and emotional for this little girl who was left in this big wide world without a mother and father who everyone had come to know quite intimately through the media.

Following the death of Michael and Paula it is no secret that there was a lot of infighting between family members, friends, administrators of Michael’s estate and of course Bob Geldof himself seeking custody of Tiger Lily.

It appears that Michael’s estate that he left half of it to his family and half of it to Tiger Lily was raped and pilleged by unscrupulous and untrustworthy administrators and lawyers who grabbed everything for themselves leaving nothing left for the people that Michael loved. The dirty things that went on with Michael’s deceased estate are issues for another article but needless to say that the way his affairs were handled left a lot of people heartbroken even further. It was like a real kick in the ribs to Michael’s legacy.

But never fear whilst Michael has gone his spirit and his music live on and his greatness will be everlasting and his star will again shine bright.

Then we come to Tiger Lily who was left all alone as a 4 year old following the passing of her parents. Aside from all the fake media bullshit and fame was this innocent little soul that needed a safe and stable environment to grow up in. Enter Bob Geldof who was ironically hated by Tiger Lily’s father but who decided to take action by proactively pursuing custody of Tiger Lily. The Hutchence family didn’t approve of Bob Geldof having custody to raise Tiger Lily but an English Family Court saw that it was best for Tiger Lily to be raised by Bob Geldof and grow up with her 3 half sisters. Clearly there had been too much anger, bitterness and pain that had gone on and the sensible thing to do was to shield Tiger Lily from any more of this tragedy that was going on.

Everybody has had to deal with the tragic death of Michael Hutchence in their own way since he had a huge amount of fans and followers who thought the world of him and his music. I guess it is for this reason that a lot of these fans are curious about Tiger Lily and how she handled some of the hardest times of her life following the death of her mother and father and how she was actually raised, whether she was raised in accordance to the way Michael and Paula would’ve wanted her to be raised. There are so many questions that people will have about Tiger Lily but because she has been shielded from the public spotlight by Bob Geldof many of these questions remain unanswered.

Bob Geldof – what to think of him?

People will have their own opinion about Bob Geldof and I certainly have my own opinion in fact my opinions and feeling about Bob Geldof are very mixed. On one hand I have some ill feelings towards Bob Geldof because it is his actions and the infighting between him and Michael Hutchence that appeared to be the trigger for Michael taking his own life.

Is no secret that Michael Hutchence did not like Bob Geldof they had a bitter relationship and Michael made this very known. These ill feelings were further exacerbated due to reports that on the the morning Michael’s tragic passing he was engaged in at least 2 heated and argumentative phone conversations with Bob Geldof. This was all over the bitter custody battle with Paula Yates and her other 3 daughters.

You see Michael was so desperate to have Paula and Tiger Lily come to spend Christmas with him in Sydney however due to the custody battle between Paula Yates and Bob Geldof, Paula was having trouble in bringing all her daughters to spend Christmas with Michael in Australia.

Obviously Michael was in an extremely fragile emotional state at the time and the dispute with Bob Geldof was simply the tipping point and the emotional trigger which led to Michael’s passing and demise. Whilst Michael clearly did not like Bob Geldof I personally think that he’s not a monster or a person who would’ve wished for this tragic incident to ever happen. It is something that Bob will have to live with for the rest of his life and whether or not it haunts him is something that he will only ever known and have to deal with.

Whilst one may have bitter feelings towards Bob Geldof for being the centre of what ultimately lead to Michael’s tragic death we must take a step back and not play the blame game, I simply do not believe that Bob Geldof ever wished for this tragedy to happen and you simply cannot blame him for that. But the reality is he was at the centre of the this ugly dispute and most people you speak to will have a sour taste in their mouth when Bob Geldof’s name is mentioned.

This will more than likely never change.

But let’s look at the flip side, it is tragic that this string of events occurred and that Tiger Lily was left behind as an orphan without a mother and father. But what happened from here on in, in relation to the actions that Bob Geldof took are arguably the most admirable and quite possibly the best course of action that could’ve been taken for little Tiger Lily Hutchence.

People will have an even more uncomfortable feeling coming to grips with the fact that Bob Geldof, the person who Michael Hutchence quite clearly despised and she was the tipping point to his tragic passing, was the person who stepped up to take custody of Michael and Paula’s daughter Tiger Lily. Some people may say that Michael would have never wanted Bob Geldof to ever be a part of Tiger Lily’s life, but the reality is that these tragic circumstances did occur, Michael and Paula both died leaving a small innocent soul left in this world.

My personal view is that if Michael was here today or if we could hear his words from above he would be eternally grateful to the man he once despised for taking hold of the tragic situation and providing Tiger Lily with a stable, safe and good upbringing. I believe that Michael would hold his love, concern and interest for his only daughter well above anything else in this world including putting aside any differences he had with Bob Geldof.

Sometimes tragedy strikes in this world and we simply cannot do much about it but to roll with the punches and get on with life and do what is right by each other. Despite all the ill feelings out there towards Bob Geldof I think that he did a very admirable thing by taking Tiger Lily into his care and raising her in a normal environment with her 3 half sisters.

Michael would be looking down on this world from above being so proud of who Tiger Lily has become and who she is turning into. I think he would also be heaping a lot of praise on Bob Geldof for his part in her development. Not to mention I believe Paul Yates would be looking down exactly the same sentiments.

Why the fascination with little Tiger Lily?

It is no secret that Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates were the subject of intense media scrutiny and their lives completely in the public view. Unfortunately this is something they had no control of. But because their lives were so heavily publicized many people probably felt like they had an emotional connection with Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates and this would definitely ring true in relation to the amazing work, music and performances that Michael created and was a part of.

So in a sense you could say that any fans and followers of Michael Hutchence deep down probably feel like they have some sort of connection with him. It is because of this that people were so heartbroken when he passed away and then leaving a small little girl in this world with further tragedy to follow when her mother Paul Yates passed away. It was hard for people not to want answers to questions.

tiger lily as a child

Further media attention surrounded little Tiger Lily when she became an orphan and then the further custody battle that ensued which eventually saw her go to live with Bob Geldof and her 3 half sisters. Usually when someone is involved with such media spotlight as was Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates and especially little Tiger Lily after their passing, one would expect to continue to find out more about that person. But when Bob Geldof gained custody of little Tige Llily, he shielded and protected her from the media spotlight most certainly something that Michael and Paula would have been very proud of.

It is because that she has been able to live a normal childhood and upbringing away from the media spotlight that people kind of wonder what sort of person she has turned into and how she has handled growing up without a mother and father. What memories and thoughts that she has and what attitude she has of her mother and father. Whether her upbringing by Bob Geldof who clearly disliked her own father has had any effect on the way that Tiger Lily thinks of her own father and mother.

We see the odd picture of Tiger Lily when she was little and now developing into a woman in her late teens and we see an uncanny resemblance in the mix between her and her late father Michael Hutchence. She is developing into a very, very good looking and beautiful girl and when we see these uncanny resemblances to her father it makes us want to know more about who Tiger Lily Hutchence is and what she’s going to do and turn out to be.

tiger lily & dog

Give the girl some space – that’s what Michael would have wanted!

The reality is that Tiger Lily Hutchence was a girl who came into this world with such a beautiful mother and father, then only a short time later she was left an orphan and an innocent soul in this world who had nothing to do with the tragic circumstances which put her in that position.

Kudos to Bob Geldof in the way that he has shielded Tiger Lily from Spotlight he has done an incredible job and from all reports Tiger Lily is growing into a very humble well grounded, beautiful, talented and stylish young woman.

I am sure that her father Michael Hutchence would be looking down extremely proud and emotional about who this young girl is becoming.


Most of the general public would love to know more about Tiger Lily and the media would even more interest in knowing about this woman simply because it would bring huge sales to their publications but the reality is that we need to take a step back and let Tiger Lily live the life that she wants to.

If she wants to pursue a career in acting or singing as it has been reported then I am sure that she will do this in her own time, if she wants to come out and talk about her father and mother then I’m sure she will to this in her own time, if she wants to have any sort of life of her own and you can be as sure as the sky is blue that she will do this in her own time.

The public should just take the attitude and be thankful that it certainly appears that Tiger Lily is developing into a fantastic young woman and has risen above the tragic passing of her beautiful parents to become such a beautiful person in her own right. We should all be very very happy about this.

Final words on Michael, Paula, Tiger & Bob

I guess if we can say some final words about INXS, Michael Hutchence, Paul Yates, Tiger Lily and Bob Geldof we can simply say this – the world fell in love with INXS and Michael Hutchence through their music, performances and their personalities. Because of this love of such an amazing rock ‘n’ roll icon in Michael Hutchence the world became extremely interested in his personal life.

But unfortunately, like many famous people before him, the constant media intrusion led to his downfall and left a trail of destruction behind. It was no secret Michael hated the constant media intrusion and speculation about his personal and quite possibly it contributed to his emotional fragility towards the end if his life. However, what was to emanate from all of this tragedy and heartbreak was a shining light in the firm of little Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence. The beautiful daughter of Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates who was whisk away out of the public eye after the tragic death of her parents to what now appears to become a stable normal attractive beautiful young girl.

Sure there is some fascination around Tiger Lily Hutchence that the world is desperate to find out more about this young girl but the fact remains she’s a human being that has risen above these tragic circumstances. So let’s give her the respect and privacy that her mother and father were never afforded. Let’s let Tiger Lily dictate how she wants to carry out her own life.

I know that I would personally like to know more about Tiger Lily and if dreams were to come true she would become as great a singer and performer  and grow to take the place of her late father by filling the lead vocal role of INXS.

But let’s snap back to reality…if any of us have any appreciation for what Michael and Paula would have wanted then we should let Titer Lily grow into the woman she will become and let her walk in her own shoes.

Finally kudos to Bob Geldof for doing what appears to be the right by Tiger Lily. To Michael in heaven above you are deeply missed but you live on through music. To Paula above you must be so proud of your daughters. To Tiger Lily take your time, play your own game in life and learn how great your parents were – carry on their legacy.

And finally to the paparazzi….FUCK OFF!! You’ve ruined too many lives to make money for greedy media corporations…have some dignity in the work you do.

As a small tribute please check out one of my favourite INXS songs “The Stairs” live at Wembley stadium in 1991 – Michael’s stage presence is magical.
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  • Jess

    April 8, 2014

    You say Michael despised Bob Geldof and that an argument on the morning of his death was potentially the tipping point which caused him to take his own life, to be fair, Hutchence stole Geldof’s wife so you can hardly blame him for arguing with him over custody of his children.

  • Joshua Boorman

    Joshua Boorman

    April 8, 2014

    Yes I agree with you Jess. There were many many emotional issues between the whole family. But when a country loses one of its favourite sons & the world loses one of its great rock stars it is inevitable that people will look to blame someone. But the reality is that Michael must have been in such a fragile state to have taken his life over what he did. No right thinking person would have given up on everything & taken such drastic actions that Michael did because he couldn’t see his kids over xmas. At the end of the day people should not point the finger over such a tragic set of circumstances.

  • Tim

    May 2, 2014

    PaulA Yates, really.

  • Scott

    May 14, 2014

    I cast no judgment, but I thought Michael died by “accidental suicide” rather than intentional suicide. It’s been many years and I have not gone back to research anything so I am working with a possibly failed memory. Again, no judgment made and no disrespect intended.

  • Ramos

    September 1, 2014

    I am a huge MH and INXS old days, 82-94 fan. Shame on me, that i just found out that MH had a Daughter. She certainly has blossomed into a beautiful lady, in my eyes, given all the sad things her life has been involved into, for me she is already music Royalty…I really hope she decides to sing, whatever type of music she choose to go for i would buy her Music just to pay tribute to one of my favorite rock singers….By the way i really hope she decides to sing INXS songs, no matter what type of voice she delivers, I will listen to it. Hutchense or anyone related to him singing songs like “Don`t change”, my personal favorite, it would be a dream come true.
    Tiger please sing, allow all Michael Hutchanse´s fan base be happy once again


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