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Backpacking is all about the “experience”! It is all about experiencing freedom, experiencing cultures, experiencing people, experiencing foods, experiencing the environment, experiencing perspectives on life, experiencing an education, experiencing perception, experiencing sights and sounds, experiencing history and above all experiencing your true self.

Backpacking is more than just a holiday or a travelling tour to a destination where other travellers and tourists hang out and do the same touristy thing, instead the true essence of backpacking is all about experiencing the authenticity of a culture and the people from different places all over the world. You do not have to be of a specific age to enjoy your backpacking experience. Obviously it is recommended that people are over the age of 18 years however beyond this age anyone can immerse themselves into the backpacking culture and begin trekking the world immediately.

Initially Backpacking Addictz was set up in early 2010 as a blog to record a lot of the backpacking notes created by the websites founder and editor-in-chief, Joshua Boorman.

 What you will find at Backpacking Addictz:

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Josh's main aim was to provide an account of all of his overseas backpacking adventures. As time went on Backpacking Addictz began to become more and more popular amongst readers, as a result more effort was put into publishing more information about Countries and destinations around the world. In addition to this we welcome other backpackers who wish to submit their own stories and photographs to be published on our site so long as they are in line with the issues and ideals that our readers enjoy reading about.

To this day Backpacking Addictz continues to publish fresh articles on backpacking adventures around the world and this remains the main direction of this website.

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Having created Backpacking Addictz from scratch back in 2010, over time the website has been through many changes, issues and a whole online evolution. Backpacking Addictz has seen massive changes, endured crippling problems and attacks, yet what does remain constant is the fact that maintaining a travel blog is a constant learning curve. Since this is the case we have learnt a great deal about creating, managing and making money from this online blog and other online businesses.

Managing a website or an online business can be extremely rewarding and profitable. If done correctly it can be an amazing source of passive income which can allow a person the necessary freedom to take control of their life and travel around the world whilst maintaining their online assets. Our aim is to provide you with honest advice of how to make money online and off you tried and tested internet marketing strategies.

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The older I get the more I become interested in living a more meaningful life, and a life that makes me happy. Obviously the older I also get the different passions I develop, for example 10 years ago I was more interested in partying really hard, whereas now I am passionate about fitness and health. Dont get me wrong I still love to party but as you can see my desires and passions in life are changing with my age. In particular, these days you will find me blogging about many issues surrounding Lifestyle Design and this can really relate to living a more meaningful, productive and efficient lifestyle with the main premise based upon freedom and experiencing new ideas, activities and cultures.

Tim Ferriss of the 4 Hour Work Week, is a guru when it comes to Lifestyle Design, he has had a major influence when it comes to these topics and I encourage everyone to get involved with what he does and represents. I will been putting a lot of focus on hacking different activities or deconstructing learning in relation to stuff that excites me and that I have a real passion for.

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Joshua Boorman

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Backpacking Addictz

I grew up on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia which is the tourist capital of Australia and is well known for its flashy sports cars, super yachts, extravagant mansions, non-stop party lifestyle, beach and surfing culture.

In 1999 I left school and began studying a BA Law/Psychology at a well known university on the Gold Coast. In 2006 I graduated and began working as a Trainee Solicitor until admitted as a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of Queensland. In 2015 I was made partner of the Law Firm in NSW & QLD.

I first developed a passion for backpacking in 2004 when a school friend of mine who was quite an experienced backpacker asked what I was doing over the summer period and if I would like to join him on a backpacking adventure through Central America. Since I had almost 4 months off during my university break I jumped at the idea and decided to worry about the funding at a later stage. When the time came I was lucky enough to have an older brother who realised how important it was for me to travel and experience the backpacking culture whilst I was still at university and subsequently funded a majority of my trip. To this day I am forever grateful for this and I guess you could say that much of my influence for travelling comes from my brother who has travelled to over 60 countries and has worked in New York, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore but now resides in Sydney.

Since 2004 I have jumped at every opportunity to get overseas and experience new cultures and societies. My love for backpacking has prompted the emergence of this informative website to all independent travellers and backpackers alike throughout the world. My favourite backpacking destinations are South East Asia and Central & South America since these regions of the world are compact with countries that are rich in culture and cheap on living.

Our pleasure is in hearing about your pleasures and experiences from your journey’s and we hope that we can provide honest and unbiased information to make your journey/s a smoother experience.

Feel free to contact us at should you have any suggestions, queries, comments or stories you wish to convey.

Herika M - Backpacking Addictz Co-contributor:

Herika has an undying passion for travel and creative writing. We are blessed to have Herika on board with Backpacking Addictz to assist us in the development and production of informative backpacking and travel content. Her involvement and co-contribution to the Backpacking Addictz  Backpacking Guides has been integral to the creation of these fantastic travel companions.


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Joshua Boorman

Joshua Boorman

Founder & Editor in Chief at Backpacking Addictz
Come with me on a journey with me to various destinations throughout the world. We discuss all things Backpacking, Lifestyle Design & Online Business to help you achieve new found freedom and create a life of meaningful fulfillment.
Joshua Boorman